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Second Corinthians

This letter offers a great deal of personal insight into Paul's life that is not present in any other New Testament book. 

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Resources on this Scripture

Visiting the Real Twilight Zone

Where do we go from here? What will happen to us when life is over? What lies ahead…in the misty, shadowy, fuzzy world beyond the grave? What will be our final destiny? Many will say, “Death. Death ends everything.” Popular answer, but it’s wrong. Death may be the last stop in our earthly journey, but it cannot be considered our ultimate destination. Death is merely the tunnel that transports us to the very real world beyond. And the Bible is the only reliable guidebook for our final journey.

Letting Go: Discovering God's Purpose in Loss

For most of my life God has been teaching me to release my grip on everything I hold tightly.

It’s a process that began when I was 13. I lost all my friends when my family moved halfway across the country. We had grown up together in a tight-knit community and I knew this move meant I’d never see my friends again. In the days before Skype and email moving away was devastatingly final for a teenager.

On the Far Side of 50

Frankly we are not aging well. We dread it. Society has us convinced that getting older is a curse. So, we try to cream away our wrinkles, comb over our bald spots and worry whether our health and money will last as long as we do. Is this how we want to walk into our senior years: laden with fears and clinging to yesterday? God considers long life to be a blessing (Deut.6:2), but we get half way and experience a mid-life crisis. There is a better way.