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Scott Tolhurst

Scott is Senior Pastor at Richmond Bethel Church in Richmond, B.C.

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Follow Me

Follow Me is a game we learned first as children. It’s a game of pursuit reduced to a single goal—just track the leader. It’s easy to play and carried more fun that its simplicity suggested. As children we played it as a game. We didn't know it would be repeated as our first faith steps with Christ.

Finding the Harmony in Change

The daily nourishment of grace to our souls overshadows loss. Glory illuminates darkness. All of this is good theology but it tends to stay in our heads. What practical difference does it make when I confront living changes? Sickness. Aging. Injury. Abandonment. Death. How does this truth equip me to navigate the gains and losses of change in my life?

Dwelling in the Grace of God

Rather than being responsible for the sprouting of many trees, God called me to focus on the growth of my own soul. He forced my attention inward, to consider the sapless, barren, wooden state of my heart. I didn’t have to bear the burden of worry over the weather or come up with new agricultural techniques. I wasn’t responsible for the orchard—there was a divine Gardener tending His field. This way of ministry was new to me.