Stop Acting Perfect and Start Being Vulnerable

Artwork for Things to Stop and Start

In our image-conscious society, there is an enormous emphasis placed on appearing to be someone you’re not. This includes leaving the impression that we are bulletproof, that we’re on top of any challenge and all circumstances, which means we are living in the realm of virtual perfection. Playing such a role is not just inauthentic; it also encourages us to keep others at a distance. The last thing we want is for them to get so close they’re able to discover the truth, namely, that we’re nowhere near the person they think we are. Therefore, we learn early in life to “put up a good front.” The pressure mounts, forcing us to work overtime in order to fulfil this phoney image. Someone accurately described our situation as this: “We are not who we are. We are not even who we think we are. We are who we think others think we are.” In the mix of that, we cultivate the habit of faking it. As we’re going to learn, there is a much better way to live. It calls for letting down our guard. It requires modelling reality. It has to do with no longer polishing our image. It means being vulnerable.