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Second Corinthians

This letter offers a great deal of personal insight into Paul's life that is not present in any other New Testament book. 

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Sharing the Father's Heart

There are so many examples of Christ being moved by compassion for others. He physically reached out and touched people. He wasn't held back by anxiety, doubt, or fear. Genuinely feeling compassion for others and reaching out is courageous. As Jackson explains, “A heart immersed in compassion will overcome superficial barriers.”

Facing the Tough Stuff of Inadequacy: When the Truth Comes Out

Embracing your inadequacy is the first step toward accepting God's power. Embracing—not just admitting. Simply admitting means we retain a negative attitude toward our inadequacy. It means we continue to buy into the Original Lie from the garden: that we were designed to live independently of God. We were not.