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First Corinthians

First Corinthians contains a frank discussion of the church and the issues that impacted real people in the first century.

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Screaming into Deaf Ears

I caught a documentary about a girl who was addicted to cola. At first I laughed at the absurdity of the topic but over the length of the show it became clear this was not simply a program about a girl who liked her caffeine. Caffeine had a stronghold on her life. After realizing this the show lost its entertainment value and began to teach me an important lesson about the unconscious power things can hold over us.

How God Gives You Wisdom

I’ll never forget a lunch I had with a Christian businessman. As we discussed many of the responsibilities connected with his vocation, the subject of wisdom kept sliding into our conversation. He and I were agreeing on the value of certain qualities that cannot be learned in school—things like intuition, diligence, integrity, perception, consistency, loyalty…and he, again, mentioned wisdom. Wisdom is hard to define because it means much more than knowledge and goes much deeper than awareness.