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The primary theme of Paul’s letter to the Romans is the revelation of God's righteousness in His plan for salvation—the gospel.

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We’re all tempted to get even when we’ve been wronged; our natural reaction is to retaliate. However, a better response extends grace. It not only demonstrates self-control but it shows you don’t take your cues from how the world would respond—but rather from what God wants you to do.

The Church: Who Needs It?

As we enter adulthood in our faith, one of the most significant realizations to dawn upon us is a healthy understanding of and appreciation for the church. Most go through real battles in coming to this conclusion. The church, during our growing up years, suffers the brunt of our criticism and the bulk of our complaints. We go through periods where we ignore the church and resent the church on one hand, then on the other hand, we go to the extreme of virtually worshipping the church.

My Garden Party

Have you ever met someone whose life seems to be a never-ending string of amazing, marvellous, wonderful, and awesome? Do you feel like punching them? Maybe it’s a friend who goes on vacation and sends you daily updates describing how magnificent and fantastic things are. Breathtaking scenery. Succulent food. Smooth and timely flights. Meanwhile you’re back home with a flat tire, a leaky faucet and a neighbour’s cat that’s scouting out your flower beds.

Is Routine Our Friend?

Dealing with change in life can be hard but Scripture does provide us with some direction. One of the best examples of change was the Israelites leaving Egypt after 430 years and heading to the Promised Land. One would think they would welcome the change from slavery to freedom, and at first they did. But human nature being what it is they weren't long in the desert before they wanted to go back to the familiar settings and food of Egypt—even if it meant bondage.

Cartons of Eggs & Old Phones

That's how our Creator works. He cares about small things. Look, for instance, at how He made the spider. The tiniest spider can make both sticky and non-sticky silk and knows how to use both! Spiders even know how to stay on the parts that aren't sticky so they won't be glued to their own web. Isn't that incredible? God cares about giving spiders the ability to create webbed masterpieces out of their tiny little bodies. In the same way, you can create masterpieces for God's glory through the seemingly small, everyday things that you do.