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Three Tips for Your Family

The longer I live, the more convinced I become of how easy it is to allow irretrievable moments to slip away. I thought I learned this when Cynthia and I reared our four children. I'm finding it just as true now with our 10 grandchildren. Regardless of our demanding schedules and in spite of our many responsibilities, we need to treasure those precious moments our children offer. Let me get practical right up front and ask the question that's on your mind, “How do you do that?” I'm glad you asked.

Help Me Understand: Marital Conflict

Marital conflict is a fact of life because of different motives, methods, perspectives, personalities, and desires. Conflict per se isn't necessarily bad. But when conflict is rooted in sin and self-centredness, or resolved in sinful ways then it will be unhealthy and destructive. Here are four ways to distinguish the sources for the conflict and address accordingly.

Surviving Crisis in Marriage

Our situation resembled a perfect storm capable of wreaking havoc on our marriage. Thankfully we weathered it and are still happily married 29 years later. Not all couples fare as well. Many marriages shipwreck when crisis strikes, but devastation can be avoided. Here are a few insights I've learned through personal experience and by watching other couples.

Let's Do It My Way

Until my traditions were combined with another I went about them without question. Holiday seasons packed full with family gatherings, turkey dinners, and everything else one does before settling back into the day-to-day. Maybe it's my season of life but approaching Easter this year, unlike the ones before, I find myself reflecting on my traditions—everything from how family meals work to attending church services.

Help Me Understand: Forgiveness

“I know the Bible says keep no record of wrongs, and that revenge is for the Lord alone, but it's really hard to forget about the bad things people have done. And what about the bad things I've done? I know I deserve death for the sins I've committed—how can God possibly forgive me for all the times I've rejected Him? And how can I live in that forgiveness when I can't forget the things I've done?”