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Old Testament

Struggling through reading the lesser-known Old Testament passages and long prophetic oracles may seem to have little relevance to everyday 21st-century life. But there are important things we can learn from the Old Testament. First, the New Testament is based on the Old Testament. Second, the Old Testament reveals the character of God. Third, the Old Testament has transformational power. Its message transcends time, geography, and culture. It speaks to everyone, everywhere, in every situation.

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God of the Fly

2 Kings 1

Have you ever wondered about the name, “Baalzebub?” The name is comprised of two Hebrew words—Baal meaning “lord or god,” and Zebub meaning, “to move here and there quickly,” referencing flies.

Boot Camp

Ephesians 6:13

Boot camp isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s meant to prepare people to defend their country against the enemy. It has the built-in ingredients to make you strong. There’s a sort of spiritual boot camp believers go through. It’s not easy, but God is using it ultimately for good.