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While the other three gospels portray Jesus as the King, the Servant, and the Son of Man, John portrays Jesus as the Son of God.

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When in Doubt, Check it Out

Questioning the Bible is not new. What’s new is people now have greater access to information than ever before. Information can be a good thing, but if not handled properly then confidence in Scripture is weakened and faith is undermined. Scripture shows us three ways confidence in Scripture is undermined and what we can do about it.

My Lord and My God

This season of the year is not joyful for everyone. Put bluntly, some dread it. They are filled with such melancholy memories of painful days gone by, they find it hard to sing the carols. “Joy to the World!”—not really. “How Great Our Joy!”—well, maybe for you but not for everyone. Now, before you call me “Scrooge,” I suggest you return to the first century and meet a disciple of Christ who fit this category.