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The theme of Exodus is redemption—how God delivered the Israelites from slavery and made them His special people by giving them the Law.

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Is Routine Our Friend?

Dealing with change in life can be hard but Scripture does provide us with some direction. One of the best examples of change was the Israelites leaving Egypt after 430 years and heading to the Promised Land. One would think they would welcome the change from slavery to freedom, and at first they did. But human nature being what it is they weren't long in the desert before they wanted to go back to the familiar settings and food of Egypt—even if it meant bondage.

Digging Deeper, Risking Change (Part One)

For well over four hundred years, the Israelites lived as slaves in Egypt under conditions that grew more and more unbearable. In His grace, God heard their cries and ultimately called Moses to lead them out of Egypt in the most miraculous manner—through the parted Red Sea. Under Moses’s leadership, they left the painful but familiar setting of Egypt. With the yoke of slavery broken from their necks, God’s people followed Him into an uncharted, unpredictable, unexpected wilderness. Their destination? Canaan.

Standing Alone

Exodus 15:2

It takes courage to stand against the crowd and speak the truth. Sometimes it isn’t easy, and it can be isolating and lonely. But that’s how God shapes our character—when we depend solely on Him for our strength.