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Second Timothy

Second Timothy offers a picture of Paul at the end of his ministry, just before his death. Details reveal a man settling his accounts.

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Travelling a Rough and Rugged Road

When Paul laid out a path of suffering for his protégé, Timothy, the young pastor may have grimaced. But Paul promised more than pain. The path, should Timothy choose it, would take him to heights unknown—to glory after death and to greater maturity in life. The same awaits us, if we choose the rough and rugged road of Christ.

Family Footprints: Steps for Leading Well at Home

I grew up enjoying the childhood activity of follow-the-leader. Back in the Prairies, it was especially fun to play after a fresh snowfall on our way to and from school (a four-block walk). With hockey stick in hand, we’d take turns being the leader. We’d take big steps, hopping steps, sliding steps, climb snowbanks and jump down making tracks as we went. We would expect the others to do exactly what we did with both our steps and our stick (acting like a cane, a pole vault, or a sword). You could tell how well your friends were following by their boot prints in the snow.

You're Growing Older but Not Old

Growing older is a fact we all must face. Now…you’re not going to get me to declare when growing up stops and growing old starts—not on your life! But there are some signs we can read along life’s journey that suggest we are entering the transition. (How’s that for diplomacy?) Ironically, it seems we’re growing older when our friends tell us how young we look!

Physically, the aging “bod” puts on the brakes. You begin to huff and puff when you used to rip and zip. You prefer to sit more than stand…to watch more than do…to forget your birthday rather than remember it!

Your Marching Orders from God

You may not have thought about it before, but Christians have a lot more in common with soldiers than we might think. In what way? For starters, soldiers don’t serve to protect themselves but to guard the interests of their homeland. There is simply no room for ego or grandstanding among soldiers during the heat of battle. What matters is obeying the leader’s commands. I can’t help but think of Paul’s words to his young protege, Timothy: “Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.