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Second Timothy

Second Timothy offers a picture of Paul at the end of his ministry, just before his death. Details reveal a man settling his accounts.

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Resources on this Scripture

Travelling a Rough and Rugged Road

When Paul laid out a path of suffering for his protégé, Timothy, the young pastor may have grimaced. But Paul promised more than pain. The path, should Timothy choose it, would take him to heights unknown—to glory after death and to greater maturity in life. The same awaits us, if we choose the rough and rugged road of Christ.

Family Footprints: Steps for Leading Well at Home

Every day we parents leave footprints for our family to follow. But parenting is not a game—a future generation of faith rests on us. There’s no doubt we are leaving tracks and our kids follow in our footsteps…at least for a while. So what is it going to take to have your children continue following your footprints? Here is my advice for leading well at home.