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Supernatural Living in a Secular World

What is supernatural living? Freedom from sin. Victorious living. Persevering through suffering. As believers in Christ, freedom, victory, and perseverance are parts of our rightful inheritance, but many of us instead find ourselves still shackled to sin.

Supernatural living is possible—in Christ. Chuck Swindoll invites us to experience Supernatural Living in a Secular World—a series that helps us put into practice the principles of Romans 6–8, break the bonds of sin, persevere in times of testing, and place our trust in providential God.

Messages in this Series

Glorying and Groaning

Life is made possible by His empowering us to live above the drag of the flesh. Such a concept could cause some to think that the Christian life is a “cloud nine” delight, full of nothing but “glorying,” uninterrupted peace, pleasure, and prosperity. To keep things realistic, Paul introduced the other side of life—the “groaning.” They are indissolubly linked—welded together and inseparable.