Dying to Live

Artwork for Supernatural Living in a Secular World

In the first five chapters of Romans, Paul laid the groundwork for the rest of his letter. He established six all-important facts:

  • All humanity is depraved—we’ve “fallen short” of God’s holiness
  • All humanity is under the penalty of sin—separated from God
  • Instead of abandoning us, God provided a rescue for us
  • God’s “rescue operation” was accomplished at the cross of Christ
  • When we believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection, He “justifies” us
  • As a result, we are no longer under sin’s penalty or domination

The next big issue is this: How can salvation from the power of sin become a reality? Being “saved by grace apart from works” is one thing, but being able to walk by grace…that’s quite another. How can we now live victoriously? What must take place in order for us to live free from sin’s control?