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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Who Cares?

Do you care? Enough “to show hospitality to strangers,” as Hebrews 13:2 puts it? It also says that in doing so, we occasionally “entertain angels without knowing it.”


Conceived in the mind by ignorance, superstition cultivates insecurity and sends a legion of structural cracks through our character. It feeds on exaggerated, self-made lies, which grow so thick that the boughs hide common sense—and worse, God.

Closing the Door to Lust, Part Two

Before giving lust a firm shove away from your life, have Christ inform this intruder that the permanent peace and pleasure you are enjoying in your home with Christ are so much greater than lust’s temporary excitement that you don’t need it around any longer to keep you happy.

After the Avalanche, Part One

Job could write about wounds. His words were more than patronizing platitudes and armchair proverbs. He’d been there and back again. He could describe intense inner suffering in the first person because of his own sea of pain.

It’s about Time, Part Two

Some people are always running late. Yes, always. Punctuality is simply a time-management matter. Some folks feverishly work right up to the deadline on every assignment or project they undertake. The job usually gets done...but the hassle, anxiety, and last-minute panic steal the fun out of the whole thing.

It’s about Time, Part One

Today, we’d say it like this: “Hey, wake up. Get with it, man!” The easiest thing in the world is to drift through life in a vague, thoughtless manner. God says there’s a better way. He tells us to take time by the throat, give it a good shake, and declare: “That’s it! I’m gonna manage you—no longer will you manage me!”

Think with Discernment, Part Two

A Christian without discernment is like a submarine in a harbour plowing full speed ahead without radar or periscope. Or a loaded 747 trying to land in dense fog without instruments or radio.