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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Starting Over

In the now-or-later battle for priorities, it’s clear where the secret lies. Let’s take care of the biggies now—today. It’s amazing how the incidentals will fade away when we focus fully on the essentials. And that’s impossible unless we put the important ahead of the urgent.

Remembering Names, Part Two

Maybe you’re thinking, “A name isn’t that important...what I’m interested in is his soul.” Listen, as I mentioned yesterday, one of the keys that unlocks a person’s soul is the realization that you are interested enough to call him or her by name!

Remembering Names, Part One

Remembering is a skill. Sure, there are those who have been blessed with a good memory. But they are exceptions. For most of us, remembering is a skill, like speaking in public, singing, reading, thinking, or swimming. We improve at a skill by hard work—direct effort applied with a good deal of concentration, mixed with proper know-how.

The Legal Swamp, Part Two

It occurred to me (thanks to an insightful message I once heard from my friend Ray Stedman) that when people receive what they deserve, they are robbed of the joy of gratitude.

The Small Stuff

What is true of grand music, great writing, priceless art, and quality construction is also true of the way some still practice medicine or law, do their architectural drawings, teach their students, type their letters, preach their sermons, play their instruments, cook meals, fix cars, coach teams, sell insurance, run a business, a home, a school, a restaurant, or a ministry.

Teenage Turbulence

I am just about convinced that it is the teenaged believer, struggling to reach a measure of spiritual equilibrium, who becomes the most disillusioned when one of his or her “spiritual parents” defects or lives hypocritically.

Fallibility, Part Two

But certain things must be kept in mind. First, the Holy Spirit gives nobody infallible interpretations. Second, piety is a help to interpretation, but it is not a substitute for knowledge or study or intelligence.

Fallibility, Part One

It’s easy to forget all that, especially in a day when we hunger for spiritual leaders whom we can respect and follow. Put flawed human beings on a pedestal and they are bound to topple, fail, and disappoint, but God’s Word is holy, inerrant, and totally reliable. To Him be the glory.

Make It Clear!

One of the toughest assignments in life is to communicate clearly what happened during a time when emotions were high. People who “fall in love” can hardly describe it. Those who endure a calamity or experience a sudden loss often convey the information in a confused manner.