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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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A Bridge Called Credibility, Part One

For now, taste the encouragement in God’s message to His people in Zephaniah 3:8–13 and chew especially His words about purified and truthful speech. Let them motivate you today to the highest standard—God’s standard—of integrity.


Don’t fail to draw on the Lord’s power as you work on self-control, knowing His strength is yours. Understand and believe Romans 8:9–14.

Being What Ya’ Are, Part Two

But I have now lived long enough to see that starting anywhere but at the bottom could have resulted in being dazzled—especially in the ministry—when snobs at the top bid me come along. No thanks. Not interested.

Being What Ya’ Are, Part One

In my more zany moments, I have been known to do some crazy things. I’m relieved that most of them are not known by most of you. If they were, I sincerely doubt that what little bit of dignified respect I may have earned over the years would remain intact.


I find it refreshing that Jesus Christ met people where they were. His words touched nerves. There was a lot more here-and-now than then-and-there in his talks. His attack on the hypocrisy and prejudice of religious phonies came through loud and clear.

The Big Picture

The Great Commission is still “the Great Commission,” not “The Limited Agreement for My Corner of America.” He still looks out across a wide world and weeps over men and women and children who do not know—have never heard—His healing, life-giving Name.

Why Do We Suffer?

Of all the letters Paul wrote, 2 Corinthians is the most autobiographical. In it the great apostle lifts the veil of his private life and allows us to catch a glimpse of his human frailties and needs.

Letters of Reference

Being a loving Christian doesn’t excuse us from reporting the hard thing. The river of love must be kept within its banks. Truth on one side, discernment on the other.


Looking for a role model on how to handle criticism? It would be worth your while to check out the book of Nehemiah. On several occasions this great-hearted statesman was openly criticized, falsely accused, and grossly misunderstood.

Tough Days, Part Two

Tough days. We all have them. And most of us, if we’re honest, must admit we don’t handle them well. Others who love us try to help, but they tend to complicate matters.