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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Lean into Your Trials

Please don’t miss what God intends for you. He wants you to lean into your trials and in that leaning find your strength and courage in Him.

Put Some Heart into It!

In your battle with inertia, God may be saying, “Come on: get the lead out!” It means, get off your duff and punch it into high gear when serving the Lord. Put some heart into it, why don’t you!

Consequences of Rebellion

We are wise to pay heed to such strong appeals from heaven. Better to turn in obedience and reverence back to Him than face the consequences of His judgment.


How like God to put serendipity into the barrenness of our lives and fresh joy into our gloom. Are you expecting it? Will you look for Him to do that today?

The Invisible War

God says, “Stop! Put on My armour—don’t leave the house today without first arming yourself with the truth of My Word and the weapons of My Spirit.”

At Work in Your Adversity

If today you are facing some pesky circumstances or a trial that not only won’t go away, but, in fact, is intensifying, meditate on the truth from God’s Word. He is at work in your adversity to stretch and strengthen your faith.

Everything Works for Good

God offers a promise that is guaranteed: when His word is accepted and believed, it can bring about genuine peace and an enduring joy. It’s good, but it’s also true!

Changing Clothes

Change—real change—takes place slowly. In first gear, not overdrive. Far too many Christians get discouraged and give up.