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Insight for Living is for Canadians

Insight for Living Ministries has an international reach, but at Insight for Living Canada, our first priority is to reach the people here. It’s the reason we established an office in British Columbia. And every amount that’s donated to Insight for Living Canada remains here at home, applied directly toward reaching our nation with the truth of God’s Word.

Growing-Up Goals for Diligent Disciples

Even though we can never say that we have “arrived,” there are some checkpoints by which we are able to measure our maturity. They are set forth in the first major section of Peter's second letter. Beginning with faith (2 Peter 1:5) and ending with love (1:7), you will find eight qualities, which deserve our most diligent effort.

A Song for Adults to Sing

Out of the rich book of Psalms, we find an ancient hymn—a prayer, a passionate petition—in which David makes a series of requests and statements that reveal a level of maturity admired by all. For a few moments, read over and meditate on Psalm 26. Observe the composer's major theme as well as his unguarded admissions. See if you can discover for yourself the relevance of this melodic revelation.

We are a country of people thirsty for God

To thirst for God is at the core of our being. It is the way God made us. In recent decades our nation has undergone a metamorphosis. Where once biblical values were our moral compass we’ve now pushed faith in God to the fringe and rejected biblical truth as irrelevant. The result is people are spiritually dry. We are a country of people thirsty for God and reality. The need for God’s Word is greater than ever before.


Where do you have to go to hear God's voice and feel His peace and contentment? Chuck Swindoll describes one scene where you're not likely to hear what God's saying to you.

A Story for Adults to Remember

Although most of the stories revolving around David's experiences are fairly familiar to us today, this one may not be. Because it holds within it several truths that illustrate the marks of maturity in a believer's life, it seems fitting that we blow the dust off this ancient account and consider its value in our lives today. As we think it through and relive its scenes, let's not miss its message to we who are pressing on to maturity.

The Church: Who Needs It?

As we enter adulthood in our faith, one of the most significant realizations to dawn upon us is a healthy understanding of and appreciation for the church. Most go through real battles in coming to this conclusion. In this message, we want to come to terms with the role of the church, its importance in our lives, some of the major reasons for its effectiveness, and why Christ established it in the first place.