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Being a godly man has never been more challenging—or more necessary—than it is today. Immersed in stereotypes that paint men as either weak-kneed wimps or muscle-bound brutes, the biblical view of Christlike manhood has not fared well. And those Christian men who try to base their lives on biblical principles often meet tough resistance.

As a man, what does God want from you? How does the biblical picture of manhood manifest itself in the 21st century? Insight for Living can help you address tough topics facing men today, from God's expectations for male leadership to overcoming sexual temptation and sin. Let us equip you with tools to transform your imperfect image of manhood to the image of the perfect Man, Jesus Christ.

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The Living End

Two years elapsed between Daniel’s first vision in chapter 7 and his second vision in chapter 8. Like the first, this vision involved animals. Unlike the first, this vision provides great detail about one of the most famous men in history, about one of the least known men in history, and about one who will appear in the future and will be the most nefarious man in history. To Daniel, it was all future. To us, most of it is history—a history worth studying to prepare us for the future.