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Matthew wrote his account of Jesus' ministry to show that Jesus was and is indeed the King, Israel's long-awaited Messiah.

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The Qualities of Simple Faith

We can read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in 15 minutes or less. No teacher or preacher has ever packed more truth into such a brief period of time. For centuries, these words from Matthew’s gospel have been scrutinized by millions of Bible students, authors, pastors, and missionaries. Yet, no one has even come close to exhausting Jesus’ message.

Resolving Those Parent/Child Conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable in every family. And learning how to resolve them is of vital importance. Sometimes parents are the ones who create conflict. Moms and dads are often too busy and preoccupied, which leads them to be impatient and irritable. As a result, they wound their sons and daughters by what they say and do, leaving scars that don’t go away. It’s not uncommon for children to offend their parents as well. As children get older, they often act selfishly, respond angrily, or thoughtlessly blurt out words that hurt their parents.