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While the other three gospels portray Jesus as the King, the Servant, and the Son of Man, John portrays Jesus as the Son of God.

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The Benefits of Truth

John 8:32

Truth gives stability to your faith, strengthens you when you’re tested, enables you to handle the Bible accurately, equips you to detect and confront error, allows you to live with confidence, and releases you from all fears and superstitions. Truth sets you free.

Grace: It's Really Amazing!

What is grace? Ask any theologian or serious Bible student that question and you will likely hear a two-word answer: unmerited favour. That may be true, but it is not entirely complete. As we are going to learn in this series, grace surrounds—in fact, envelopes—us every day of our lives. It is behind all of God’s actions, it prompts His movements in our direction, it takes the galling exactness out of our response to please Him, and it relieves us from the choking grip of needless guilt. When grace is understood and applied, we are no longer afraid of our God or demanding of one another.