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Paul divided Ephesians into two clear segments; applying the truths of the first makes possible the actions and lifestyle of the second.

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Is Honesty The Best Policy?

Ask any Christian and she will tell you followers of Christ should always be honest. Simple. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I've been thinking about honesty and concluded a couple of things. First, it's a concept we need to understand better. I don't think most of us have thought about it too much because it seems so simple. And second, to be perfectly honest, honesty is not as simple as I had first thought.

The Most Important Things: Reflections of an Empty Nester

The other day as I was playing with my grandsons I thought how quickly the last 30 years have gone by. It's hard to believe so much time has passed since their mother, my oldest daughter Meg, was a toddler.

When I was a young mother the days seemed endless. It was as if there was an unending supply of them. And I was sure there would always be so much time to be with my children. Time to teach, time to play, time to nurture, and impart values. I never imagined one day the nest would be empty.

Free to be Funny

Some would say humour, like music, defies analysis. It is too complex, diverse, and personal. Others say humour is too frivolous and is incompatible with religious faith. Still others would like to draw lines and dictate that only certain kinds of humour are acceptable for a Christian. Who is right? What is biblical? How do we decide if we have the freedom to be funny? In trying to decide these questions myself, there are three things I considered.