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Paul divided Ephesians into two clear segments; applying the truths of the first makes possible the actions and lifestyle of the second.

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Free to be Funny

Some would say humour, like music, defies analysis. It is too complex, diverse, and personal. Others say humour is too frivolous and is incompatible with religious faith. Still others would like to draw lines and dictate that only certain kinds of humour are acceptable for a Christian. Who is right? What is biblical? How do we decide if we have the freedom to be funny? In trying to decide these questions myself, there are three things I considered.

How to Have a Good Fight

“The first nine years of our marriage were constant hand-to-hand combat,” admitted a husband. If the truth were known, not some but most marriages are marked by periodic skirmishes—and occasionally all-out wars! Frequently, marital warfare occurs in the trenches of belligerence or moodiness or both. Some battles are night ambushes or surprise assaults. Others are cold wars of stoic silence. Cruel methods of torture are also employed: public criticism, fearful threats, intimidation, ugly sarcasm, and hateful remarks designed to put down one’s mate.