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Paul divided Ephesians into two clear segments; applying the truths of the first makes possible the actions and lifestyle of the second.

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Anger Won't Fix Itself

Ephesians 4:31

Anger never corrects itself. It never disappears... in fact the longer you leave it the stronger it grows. Confronting your anger is the best thing you can do to deal with it—confess it and let it go today. Don’t wait another moment.

The Most Important Things: Reflections of an Empty Nester

One of Satan's greatest lies is that there is no urgency in life. He fools us into thinking there will always be plenty of time in the future to explain to our little ones about God, salvation, and the Bible. When they get bigger, when they can understand more, when the house is clean. That's a lie. Here's the truth: There is indeed a great urgency. Each day we have with our children matters.