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Ecclesiastes presents us a naturalistic vision of life but ultimately recognizes the rule and reign of God in the world.

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Ecclesiastes: Searching for the Meaning of Life

The book of Ecclesiastes, as short as it is, is one of the most mysterious works in the Bible. Its content marks a decided departure from the orthodox, a bold and even imprudent alienation from Jehovah…and yet in a few verses, we read strong words in defense of a life devoted to the living Lord.

It's Tough Getting Started

Ecclesiastes 2:13

The Christian life is tough to get started because it’s not just a new way of thinking it’s a whole new way of living. It’s like moving from darkness to light; from being self-centred to being like Christ. But as you persevere, the journey keeps getting better and better.


Ecclesiastes 3:11

Waiting for God isn’t easy. It’s because His timing is different than ours. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “God has made everything beautiful in its time.” This means we must wait for God. He will make everything beautiful in its time.