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Second Kings

Second Kings features many unique events and people. These miraculous events testify to God's continuing work among His people.

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Naaman: The Officer Whose Leprosy Was Cleansed

Old Testament stories often revolve around its heroes of faith. The men and women who walked with God and trusted Him to get them through a challenging situation are usually at the heart of each interesting plot. In the story we are about to uncover from 2 Kings 5, this is not the case. The prominent person was neither a preacher nor a prophet but an officer in the Syrian army. Though not strong in faith, the man was nevertheless greatly respected as a leader of troops and as a military warrior.

Gehazi: The Servant Who Got Greedy

We just considered the story of Naaman, who was cleansed of leprosy. It is a wonderful, miraculous story of God’s power and grace at work through Elisha in the life of a man who knew nothing of the Lord’s presence. This story comes on the heels of that one. Actually, it is a sequel to that account…the flip side of God’s working in that man’s life.

Beyond the Broadcast: What If a Longtime Friend Deceives You?

“What is the right thing to do? If we ask ourselves that question, we will not deceive others.”  
- Charles R. Swindoll

Few things sting worse than realizing someone we trust has deceived us.

At first, we are in shock; it’s almost too much to believe. When we discover the deception we’re heartbroken—perhaps it’s the person we married, who promised to be faithful, or someone we admired and respected such as a coach, teacher, or pastor.