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The Marvel of a Child

Psalm 139:13

Have you ever been told you’re a marvel? Do you feel genuinely unique, and capable of whatever you dream of? You will never know how empowering your children with confidence and security will help them know and accept and be who they are.

The Spirit's Most Significant Mission

For millennia, average Christians as well as learned theologians have strained more than one brain cell to try to understand the incomprehensible mystery surrounding the conception and birth of our Saviour. We'll not lose ourselves in the unsolvable riddle that is the conception of God the Son. Rather, we'll lose ourselves in the wonder that is God the Holy Spirit's most significant mission.

Rescuing Our Spouse

Proverbs 2:12

One of the benefits of having a married partner in life is you have someone who will rescue you. Not to enable one another, but a genuine and wise rescue, where if you didn’t have your partner to take you in another direction, you would deeply regret your actions.