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Starting Over This Year

Maybe 2016 wasn’t your all-time spiritually high year. Am I right? Perhaps you’re tired. Exhausted might be a better word. You may even feel oppressed, guilty, overused, or underappreciated. The enemy of your soul is feeding you the lie, “You’re through. Finished. Forgotten. You’ve been replaced.” It’s time to listen to a new voice.

Parenting the Prodigal

You don’t have to look far, perhaps no further than your own family, to see Christian parents with prodigal children. I’m referring to children who turn away from their Christian upbringing, embracing beliefs and behaviours contrary to their parents’.  The primary struggle for Christian parents in this situation is coming to terms with what happened and how to relate to their child moving forward.  

Beyond the Broadcast: What If You Were to Die Tonight?

Once we understand that sin and death have been companions since they entered the world through Adam’s disobedience, we can then begin to see the different destinations of those who believe versus those who do not. At death, bodies of believers and non-believers alike separate for our souls. While our bodies go into the ground until the resurrection, our souls go to dwell in a place of comfort and paradise (for believers) or a place of torment (for non-believers).