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The Ultimate Family Reunion

Genesis 45:16-46:30

Airs: October 7 - October 9

Few things are more poignant than the reconciliation and reunion of a family long separated by distance or circumstance. The story of Joseph provides a moving example not just of reconciliation but of long-awaited reunion. Studying the reunion of Joseph and Jacob reminds us of that joyful day when we will be united with our heavenly Father. As we wait for the reunion of the family of God, how do we prepare? This lesson explores how we should live today in light of eternity.

October 7, 2015
The Ultimate Family Reunion
Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness


  • October 12 - October 14 On-the-Job Integrity

    Can you be a person of integrity and a successful business person at the same time? A Christian should be. Christians are to demonstrate how God would negotiate a deal, try a case, diagnose an illness, teach a class, or build a building. Joseph is a perfect example—he demonstrated integrity in every aspect of his life. And by observing his business life, we’ll learn how to order our priorities and test our motives.

  • October 15 - October 16 Highlights of Twilight and Midnight

    When your loved ones gather to reminisce about your life, what memories will they share? What do you hope they will remember? The story of Joseph’s life—his journey from the pit to the pinnacle—leaves us in awe. Few have known such highs and lows, and fewer still have lived a life so full of grace and forgiveness. And as we have discovered in our study of this extraordinary man, if we choose to follow Joseph’s example, our lives can be marked by such noble traits, creating a spiritual legacy for those who come after us.

  • October 19 Saul: A Study in Tragedy

    There is a special grief over a life not well lived. We love to celebrate the stories of those who have finished well, but when we encounter those whose lives bear the consequences of poor decisions and slow erosion, we sigh and wonder what could have been. And then, in quiet, private moments, we wonder how our lives will end. Will we finish well? Are we on a good track?

    Discover from the life of one of the Bible’s greatest examples of failed potential just what it means to take God seriously. And then choose to finish well.

  • October 20 The Beatitudes: Lessons by a Lake

    Jesus could not have picked a better place to sow seeds of faith than on the hill now called the Mount of Beatitudes. On a carpet of wildflowers and scrub, the people sat captivated, amazed at this Teacher. While rabbis of the day taught the finer points of Mosaic Law, Jesus’ message touched the heart. The rabbis’ endless, dusty rhetoric said little; Jesus’ few words altered the way the people understood life. Even to this day, His words, ignited by the Spirit of God, still cut through the stuff of life and call us to live as God intends for us to live.

  • October 21 Releasing Our Burdens Beneath the Waves

    Great things happen on water…treacherous things too. Both occurred the night that followed Jesus’ miraculous feeding of more than 5,000 men. Jesus’ disciples shook with terror in a storm-tossed boat on an inky-black sea. Why were they afraid? Weren’t they eyewitnesses to His miracles? Mark 6:52 records a heartbreaking moment in Scripture: “[The disciples] had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves, but their heart was hardened.” It took a storm to help the disciples learn a valuable lesson. What will it take for you to surrender to Jesus in faith?