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Portrait of a Struggling Christian

Romans 7:1-7, 13-24

Airs: November 25 - November 26

Let’s face it: every one of us who knows Christ as Saviour has been torn within while fighting battles with the flesh. We feel frustrated, and we are occasionally defeated in that struggle. We realize we have God’s power within us, and we know that His Spirit is at work, prompting us to do what is right—but we do wrong. Knowing we should obey, we disobey. Wanting to think, say, and do what is best, we covertly rebel. We’re not short on desire, but when it comes to pulling it off, we blow it! Paul, speaking for all of us, brought truth out of the closet and exposed it for what it is: SIN. He put it this way: “I am of flesh, sold into bondage to sin” (Romans 7:14). When Charles Haddon Spurgeon stood to preach on this awful reality, he appropriately titled his message, “The Monster Dragged to Light.” Now, let’s face that monster head-on.

November 26, 2015
Portrait of a Struggling Christian
Supernatural Living in a Secular World


  • November 27 - December 1 Let's Talk about Our Walk

    Everybody dreams of a fulfilled life—one that results in our reaching maximum potential with only a minimum amount of conflict and stress. But as we learned in Romans 7, such dreams are more ideal than real. Nevertheless, we still long to be less frustrated and less anxious in our walk with the Lord. Who doesn’t desire greater balance and more consistency? But is that possible? God’s answer is yes, but the outworking of His answer calls for drastic changes in our mental attitudes and the breaking of long-standing habits.

  • December 2 - December 3 Glorying and Groaning

    Once Paul got past the sinfulness of sin (Romans 1-3) and the grace of the Gospel (4-5), he focused our attention on the sanctification of the saint (6-8). That third subject reached its climax in Romans 8, where Paul emphasized the work of the Holy Spirit, especially what Jesus called the abundant life (John 10:10). As we learned in the previous message, life is made possible by His empowering us to live above the drag of the flesh.

  • December 4 - December 7 Providence Made Practical

    At long last, we have reached the climax of the first section of Romans. Finally, the truths we’ve gleaned thus far begin to come together. Now that we have acknowledged the essential and inescapable presence of suffering in our journey, we need strong words of encouragement and reassurance.

  • December 8 - December 10 Strengthening Your Grip on Purity

    “Pleasure is supreme.”…“Follow your feelings.”…“Do whatever makes you happy.”…“Purity? That went out with the Puritans!”

    These tag lines of our pleasure-obsessed society pulse from the media like a strobe light, mesmerizing us into a state of moral apathy. Sitcoms depict abstinence as fit for only the undesirable or the immature. And advertisements blatantly seduce us into acquiring absolutely everything our hearts desire.

  • December 11 - December 15 Simplicity Starts from Within

    Though centuries have passed since He spoke them, Jesus’ words remain just as penetrating as when they first fell on the ears of His original audiences. Because He alone spoke with anointed authority, people were amazed as they listened and ultimately became changed individuals. Christ’s teachings continue to bring about powerful transformation and arouse the attention of all who study them. Nothing Jesus stated was ever more profound than His Sermon on the Mount. With searching wisdom, He peeled back the externals of hypocritical religion and addressed the issues that really matter.