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What Happens When We Pray?

Genesis 18:22-33

Airs: September 18 - September 22

We’ve all heard it said that we never stand taller than when we kneel before God. But what happens when we offer our prayers and petitions to God? Does He change His mind? Can we alter His plan or reverse His course? If not, then why pray? In this message, we analyze Abraham’s passionate intercession on behalf of Lot and his family in the face of the imminent destruction of Sodom. We can understand the struggle that occurs between petition (what we ask for) and desire (why we ask) and gain insight into the important role prayer plays in our lives.

September 19, 2014
What Happens When We Pray?
Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith


  • September 23 - September 25 When the Cesspool Overflows

    Scripture gives ample warnings and shocking examples of the effects of godly people who become contaminated by close friendships with the immoral world. The account of Lot’s behaviour on the night of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah provides a vivid example of the tragic consequences of such moral compromise. Rather than standing as a lighthouse of godly convictions, Lot became tolerant of the immorality around him and led his entire family into peril.

  • September 26 - September 30 A Wail of Two Cities

    The total annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah reminds us that God’s gracious patience and merciful long-suffering have their limits. Though He delays judgment for the sake of the salvation of those who will believe and repent, He never dismisses His wrath against unrepentant wickedness. Many today presume upon the grace and mercy of a forgiving God, assuming that these characteristics define His total character. Such people have failed to learn the lesson of Sodom and Gomorrah: eventually God will say, “Enough!”

  • October 1 - October 3 Overcoming Depravity's Dangerous Undertow

    The deep depravity of our culture constantly threatens to sweep us away into gross indecency and shameless immorality. All around us, lives are being shattered, families ripped apart, and whole communities destroyed. We tend to think this is a modern malady, that depravity has recently begun its relentless deluge. Wrong. The account of Lot’s dysfunctional family affair teaches us that the tragic effects of sin have been with us since the beginning.

  • October 6 - October 8 Disobedience Déjà Vu

    Who hasn’t felt the painful sting of regret after committing a particular sin again…and again…and again? That seemingly endless cycle of sin, guilt, shame, repentance, confidence, and sin again—what we might call our disobedience déjà vu—can be downright sickening and humiliating!

  • October 9 - October 13 It's a Boy!

    For a quarter century, Abraham and Sarah occupied God’s waiting room. When Abraham was 75 and his wife 65, God promised they would have a son. Periodically, the Lord refuelled their waning hopes with words of assurance that He had not forgotten. Nevertheless, as the years turned into decades, their anxiety must have become palpable. Yet, the wait cultivated their faith and reinforced a vital truth: God may delay the fulfilment of His promises, but He’s never late.