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What If You Suddenly Lose Everything?

Job 1:1-3, 6-11, 20-21; 2:1-6, 8-10; James 4:13-16

Airs: January 29 - February 2

All of us would agree—life is difficult. Without warning, heartbreaking moments and tragic events cut our legs out from under us and drop us on our faces. Caught by surprise, we wonder if our anguish is truly unbearable. It’s bad enough when such pain comes as the result of our wrongdoing—when we suffer the awful consequences of our own disobedience. However, little compares to the pain we’re called upon to endure when we don’t deserve it. Picture someone who walks in integrity, loves God, and treats others with kindness and grace and mercy…and then, suddenly, loses everything. How could this happen? And could it happen to you? Who knows? The experience may be just around the corner.

January 30, 2015
What If You Suddenly Lose Everything?
What If...?


  • February 3 - February 5 What If You Are Being Stalked?

    Human depravity leads to every disturbing situation we can imagine. Sinful people think sinful thoughts, which, if not restrained, result in sinful actions. This brings misery to others, which ranges from mildly aggravating to dreadfully painful. Chances are good that the majority of people you know are paying some serious consequences for someone else’s unrestrained sinfulness. In James, we read, “What is causing the quarrels and fights among you? Don’t they come from the evil desires at war within you? You want what you don’t have, so you scheme and kill to get it.

  • February 6 - February 10 What If a Longtime Friend Deceives You?

    Few things sting worse than the realization that someone we trust has deliberately deceived us.

  • February 11 - February 13 What If You Should Confront Someone In Sin?

    Among the least-enjoyable yet important responsibilities of those who love the Lord is the task of confronting another believer who is living in deliberate disobedience. Scripture includes reminders that urge us to care for, warn, and help our fellow believers maintain their walks with Christ. Why? Because we’re supposed to “set them straight”? No, of course not! We are instructed to do so because of our love for them.

  • February 16 - February 18 What If Somebody Kicks You When You're Down?

    There isn’t a single person reading these words who hasn’t been hurt by someone else. All of us can remember someone who planned something, said something, or did something ugly or unfair to us. Because that’s true, all of us can also name a person (or persons) we could blame for something! Recipients of mistreatment rarely forget how much it hurt. And if that mistreatment came at a “down time,” when we were already feeling lower than a whale’s belly and struggling to get back up, the offence hurt even worse.

  • February 19 - February 23 What If You Need a Second Chance?

    Each of us can remember a time when we failed to do something we said we would do. We started strong. We had every intention to follow through. And others were relying on us to stick to our commitment. To make matters worse, we gave them our word that they could count on us. And then, somewhere along the way, our good intentions got sidetracked.