Today's Message


  • June 1 - June 3 Ministering Amidst the Crazies

    We live in unusual times. Surrounded by a sea of cults, false doctrines, religious extremism, political polarization, and media madness, absolute truth seems like a lonely island—sparsely populated and uncharted on the cultural map. Of course where we find ourselves today should come as no surprise…at least not to those who’ve read their Bibles closely. Jesus and His apostles warned, more than two millennia ago, that the world would tumble down this rabbit hole, especially as the end of time draws near. Today, we live and minister amidst the crazies.

  • June 4 - June 8 The Dos and Don’ts of Ministry

    Let’s see a show of hands. Who in their professional lives wants to be unsuccessful? No one, right? Most professions have a set of procedures—a list of dos and don’ts—that, if followed, promote success. Ministry is no different. Beginning in 1 Timothy 4:6 and continuing through the rest of the letter, Paul turns our attention to the one who seeks to be “a good servant of Christ Jesus,” namely, the minister.

  • June 9 - June 10 Respecting and Rebuking the Saints

    Paul made clear the purpose of his first letter to Timothy: “so that [we] will know how [we] ought to conduct [ourselves] in the household of God” (1 Timothy 3:15). We’ve noted that ministry would be easier if people pursued godliness, then they’d know how to behave in church. Some do, and some don’t. Those who do deserve our respect. And those who don’t deserve a rebuke. But how do we go about respecting and rebuking the saints? What is appropriate and what isn’t? Thank God He gave us 1 Timothy to answer these questions and serve as our guide.

  • June 11 - June 12 What about Widows?

    For the individual follower of Christ, the single most practical book in the Bible is probably James. For the church, it’s got to be 1 Timothy. And as we’ve seen throughout our study, Paul has practically left no proverbial stone unturned, addressing a wide variety of issues confronting the church. We’ve also seen that these issues are just as relevant in the 21st century as they were in the first century. But just when we think Paul has exhausted all important topics, he comes up with one more—how the church ought to treat widows (1 Timothy 5:3-16).

  • June 15 - June 17 A Prescription for Pastoral Health

    Like a chronic illness, a persistent falsehood often lingers in the minds of believers and unbelievers alike: God is a cosmic killjoy, and the Bible is His ruler to whack anyone having a good time. It’s a lie, of course. God is the giver of abundant life (John 10:10), and His Word enables us to live fulfilling lives. It’s true that the Bible is filled with thou shalts and thou shalt nots, which serve as a sort of preventative checkup.