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When God Says, “Let Go!”

Genesis 22:1-14

Airs: October 17 - October 21

Our earthly lives revolve around the people we love and the things we enjoy: spouses, children, friends, home, work, treasured possessions…even our hopes and dreams. These people, places, and things form the piers and beams of our daily existence, creating structure, comfort, and security. Remove one, and we experience an earthquake that shakes the framework of our lives. In spite of the trauma this can cause, someday the Lord may step into our contented, predictable lives and say, “Let go!” As we’ll discover in this message, that day came for Abraham…and then some.

October 20, 2014
When God Says, “Let Go!”
Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith


  • October 22 - October 24 The Pleasures of Passing God's Exams

    Too many people have lost their joy and are suffering a chronic case of the “woe-is-me” syndrome. They’ve either forgotten or never learned that amidst the desert-like sadness, sorrow, tragedy, and grief of life, God has planted beautiful oases of joy, peace, celebration, and laughter. This shouldn’t surprise us, though. The world in which we dwell focuses on the negative. Weather forecasters speak of a 30 per cent chance of rain. Why not a 70 per cent chance of sunshine? Movies and television delight in exposing the dirty, disgusting underbelly of society.

  • October 27 - October 29 On Finding Your Lifelong Companion

    On our walk with Abraham, we’ve seen the Patriarch at his best and worst, at his most faithful and most fearful, in radical obedience and alarming disobedience. Rather than waning during his later years, Abraham’s faith increased, drawing him ever closer to his Lord. The longer Abraham lived, the more he learned to take God literally, trust Him thoroughly, and obey Him eagerly. As the aging Patriarch approached the twilight of his life, he turned his attention to finding a lifelong companion for his son, Isaac.

  • October 30 - November 3 What a Way to Go!

    Many people expect the twilight years of their lives to be characterized by four “uns”—unproductive, unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilling. How unfortunate! We don’t find that kind of thinking among the great men and women in God’s “Hall of Faith.” For them, life remained meaningful right up to the end, filled with important decisions, joyful events, and purposeful involvements. As Abraham neared the sunset of his life, he clearly didn’t waste his retirement years sitting around feeling sorry for himself.

  • November 4 - November 6 Portrait of a Hero...Warts and Everything

    When Abraham passed down the account of his life, he didn’t carefully hide his roughness, pimples, and warts. When God’s Spirit moved Moses to include the history of Abraham in the book of Genesis, the uncomfortable, embarrassing, shameful, and downright sinful episodes of the Patriarch’s life weren’t censored. The biblical writers made no attempt to airbrush, smooth over, or cover up the truth to fit some glamorized version of this hero of the faith.

  • November 7 - November 11 Conversations with Chuck: Abraham: Ravi Zacharias and Chuck Swindoll

    Abraham’s life story flies in the face of modern-day conventions of safety. He pulled up roots with his family; abandoned his land, inheritance, and comfort; set out on a rugged journey at what we consider retirement age; and believed God for a miracle child even in his and Sarah’s old age. Abraham followed God and forsook comfort, predictability, and earthly logic in order to obey Him.

    Abraham was quite a man of faith!