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The Christian life is difficult sometimes, isn't it? God asks us to leave behind our selfishness and devote ourselves to Jesus Christ in the service of others. This journey has a clear beginning and an even clearer end, but its path is littered with dangerous obstructions and precarious curves. Thankfully, its destination provides lasting, eternal rewards.

Chances are you have experienced the difficulty of losing your way on the journey. We've all been tempted to stray, to step away from the fundamentals of authentic Christian living toward the more immediate fulfilments we desire for ourselves. But God calls us to a life devoted to studying the Scriptures, to prayer, and most important, to knowing Christ Himself.

Let these resources remind you that the goal isn't just reaching our heavenly destination but walking closely with Jesus as we get there.

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Beyond the Broadcast: Rules for Running a Rewarding Race

In Hebrews 12:1-2, the writer imagined life as a vast arena with the saints who have gone before us filling the stands and cheering on all Christians in their races. The Greek word for race teaches us that the race each believer runs is a struggle requiring endurance. But if we learn the rules outlined in Scripture, we’ll finish well.