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The overall message of Leviticus is sanctification. Holy living and spiritual growth should be the response to receiving God’s forgiveness.

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Messages on this Scripture

The Remedy for Our Disease

In earlier times the slaughter of animals, the presence of blood, and the connection between these symbols, the sinner, and deliverance from that sin were common scenes…everyday affairs. Because we are so removed from all that, words and phrases like “sacrifice,” “shedding of blood,” and “altar” need to be explained and understood. By doing so, our appreciation for the cross where God’s Lamb was slain will be enhanced.

How Laws Affect Us

Leviticus 18:4-5

Sometimes we seem inundated by laws and rules, but whether or not we like them they’re usually there for a reason. The same goes for God’s Word. He gives us laws for our protection and well-being. When we go against God’s laws we find ourselves living with regret, disappointment, and heartache.