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The Hea[r]t of the Issue

This series provides training on having difficult conversations. How do you discuss difficult topics in a way you hear and are heard, maintain your influence, and avoid alienation? How do you deal with different worldviews while still valuing the person? Read our basic guidelines for having difficult conversations at

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The Life to Come

Heaven. Where people dwell in happiness with God after mortal life. What do you think about heaven? What do your kids think? How about your neighbour? Thoughts about heaven cover a wide spectrum ranging from spiritualized notions where heaven is a mindset rather than a distinct reality, to where heaven is materialized with physical features and a physical location.

Parenting the Prodigal

You don’t have to look far, perhaps no further than your own family, to see Christian parents with prodigal children. I’m referring to children who turn away from their Christian upbringing, embracing beliefs and behaviours contrary to their parents’.  The primary struggle for Christian parents in this situation is coming to terms with what happened and how to relate to their child moving forward.