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Who Says the Honeymoon Must End?

Mention the word honeymoon and what immediately comes to your mind? For most people, it is that period of intimate romance and unrestrained affection between newlyweds. We think of it as the beginning of the marriage—that initial burst of physical love—that period of passionate ecstasy between the wedding ceremony and the return to the normal responsibilities of everyday life. Nothing is wrong with thinking about the honeymoon in this way. But it does imply that the honeymoon is only for newlyweds and is only temporary. Like a flash of lightning, it is exciting and brief.

Creating a Legacy of Moral Purity

“How the mighty have fallen!” (2 Samuel 1:25)

This was David’s eulogy for the slain Saul and Jonathan. But David could have just as well used it as the eulogy for the death of his own moral character. At a time when David should have been satisfied with his life, he wanted more. At a time when David should have been performing his duty as king, he kicked back. At a time when David should have visited one of his many wives or concubines, he took another man’s wife. Moral foundations almost always collapse through slow erosion. But once they collapse, not even mighty men can stand.

How to Say "No" When Lust Says "Yes"

James 1:13–18 teaches us that in order for lust to “conceive,” there must be the joining together of inner desires with outer “bait.” If there is no joining of these two forces, sin is not present. The best illustration of this truth is when Jesus refused to yield to temptation’s enticing invitation (Matthew 4:1–11). It’s not the bait that constitutes sin; it’s the bite! Joseph understood this and refused to let his desire run wild when Potiphar’s wife enticed him to sin. We want to understand why and how Joseph said no when lust’s offer was pleading for him to answer yes.

A Plea for Morality

Sexual promiscuity is neither new nor novel. It is as old as humanity, always promising more than it can deliver. More palatable words have replaced the obsolete and ugly ones. Adultery is now an affair. Cheating and wife-swapping are now merely playing around. Inviting terms cause the ugliness of illicit sex to be veiled in mystery, fascination, and excitement.