Let's Repair the Foundation

Strike the Original Match

Let's Repair the Foundation

Genesis 2:18-25

Damage to a marriage can begin even before the vows. Among the greatest threats to a new union are the young bride and groom’s thoughts about what life with a new spouse will be like. Expectations often lead to broken dreams, as invariably, young couples fall into the trap of looking forward to a non-existent reality. On the doorstep of sealing their marriage bond, many people anticipate that after a few years of hard work and perseverance, they will settle into ideal marriages. However, there is no ideal marriage this side of sin. Instead, marriage promises a lifetime of two people striving together for maturity. Without this realistic perspective, a couple’s view of the foundation of marriage becomes fractured and in need of repair.

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Part 1February 24, 2012
Part 2February 27, 2012


In this video, Chuck encourages us to pray for more to hear the Gospel.