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God's Masterwork, Volume Four: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea-Malachi

Nahum: The Consequences of Negligence

Oct 13, 2011 - Oct 14, 2011

Next to nothing is known of Nahum. Like his three-chapter book, the man is obscure. It's unfortunate, especially since his message is so directly linked to the most popular of the minor prophets: Jonah. Nahum’s message is addressed to the descendants of the same people who were evangelized as a result of Jonah’s ministry—the people of Nineveh.

One-Minute Message
Colossians 4:12

God's Will

Oct 13, 2011
One-Minute Message
Romans 11:34


Oct 12, 2011
God's Masterwork, Volume Four: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea-Malachi

Micah: Advocate for the Poor

Oct 11, 2011 - Oct 12, 2011

It is doubtful the poor peasants of Judah ever had a stronger champion than fellow countryman Micah, the powerful preacher. Though neither as intellectually gifted as his contemporary Isaiah nor as popular as his peer to the north Hosea, Micah nevertheless defended the downtrodden with vigilant zeal.

One-Minute Message
James 5:11

Hang in There

Oct 11, 2011
Matthew 24:3-8, 36; Proverbs 3:27

Don't Trust Date Setters!

Oct 10, 2011

We all want to know where we're going and we've wanted to know since Jesus walked the earth. But the exact date of Christ’s return is not information that we’ve been given. However, the Bible says that we’re living in the last days. So while we don’t know when Christ will return, we are to be ready.

One-Minute Message
Romans 11:33


Oct 10, 2011
God's Masterwork, Volume Four: An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea-Malachi

Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet

Oct 7, 2011 - Oct 10, 2011

Who hasn’t heard of Jonah? As the brunt of numerous jokes and the classic example of a rebel, he's the most well-known prophet. His story—familiar to young and old alike—has been proclaimed, analyzed, criticized, and assaulted for centuries. Viewed by critics as something between parable and fable, the veracity of Jonah’s book has suffered greatly. To most scholars, it’s merely a myth, little more than a humorous legend that originated in the mind of some creative soul in antiquity.

One-Minute Message
Galatians 5:13


Oct 7, 2011
Matthew 25:37-42

God's Judgment

Oct 6, 2011

God's judgment isn't something we like to think about—it's much easier to focus on His other attributes like love, compassion, and grace. But the Bible has a lot to say about God's judgment. From the Old Testament to the New, God has never winked at sin.


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