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One-Minute Message
1 Peter 1:6-7

Simple, Thankful

Jul 9, 2012
God’s Masterwork, Volume Six: Letters to God’s People—A Survey of Romans-Philemon

Philemon: An Appeal for Grace and Forgiveness

Jul 6, 2012 - Jul 10, 2012

About six years before his execution, Paul wrote a postcard to his longtime friend Philemon, a citizen of Colossae. This, the shortest of the Apostle’s writings, is one of the grandest illustrations of grace and forgiveness in all of Scripture. It is a warm, passionate appeal to a slave owner to accept back, forgive, and reinstate his runaway slave Onesimus. Because of the obvious analogy with our being accepted by God and forgiven through His grace, this little letter has become one of the most treasured in the New Testament.

One-Minute Message
Psalm 46:10

De-Cluttered Living

Jul 6, 2012
Romans 12:4-8

Cultivating Your Family

Jul 5, 2012

What are your priorities? It takes work to cultivate a family and make a happy home, but the long-term rewards are worth every effort.

One-Minute Message
Psalm 4:4

Give Yourself Time

Jul 5, 2012
God’s Masterwork, Volume Six: Letters to God’s People—A Survey of Romans-Philemon

Titus: Talk for Pastors

Jul 4, 2012 - Jul 5, 2012

Several books in the Bible don’t get the publicity they deserve. Titus is a good example. Overshadowed by the far more popular letters of 1 and 2 Timothy, this pastoral epistle unfortunately seems obscure and unimportant to some. Equally essential and inspired by God, the letter to Titus brings a needed balance to the subject of guidance to pastors. First Timothy emphasizes doctrine. Second Timothy provides a charge—a strong emotional appeal to the pastor.

One-Minute Message
Romans 6:4

Live in Liberty

Jul 4, 2012
One-Minute Message
Philippians 4:7

Be All There

Jul 3, 2012
Deuteronomy 4:39-40, Micah 6:8

The Desire to Be Important

Jul 2, 2012

We all have a desire to be important. But life isn't about satisfying our desires. It's about leaving a legacy of a well-lived life. And God has made it plain how to do that.

One-Minute Message
1 Corinthians 8:3

Dancing, Leaping, Daring

Jul 2, 2012


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