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Jeremiah 29:11


Jul 18, 2011
God's Masterwork, Volume Two: The Story of God's People—A Survey of Joshua-Esther
2 Samuel

2 Samuel: Ecstasy and Agony of a King

Jul 18, 2011 - Jul 20, 2011

No question about it. King David remains among the brightest lights of the Bible. So significant was David that God set aside an entire book of the Old Testament to cover David’s 40 year reign…from his highest pinnacle of achievement to his lowest valley of misery and defeat. Without sparing many details of either extreme, the Spirit of God recorded (with admiration as well as with grief) the things that made David great and the things that led to David’s agony of soul.

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Mark 13:10-13


Jul 15, 2011
One-Minute Message
Psalm 103:15-18

Loving Grandparents

Jul 14, 2011
God's Masterwork, Volume Two: The Story of God's People—A Survey of Joshua-Esther
1 Samuel

1 Samuel: Nation in Transition

Jul 13, 2011 - Jul 15, 2011

Transition times can be disconcerting. Those who have gone through the remodeling of a home can testify to that! Likewise, changes in leadership at one’s place of employment or moves across the country or new policies and procedures set in motion bring the need to adapt. Being creatures of habit, we are disturbed by these changes.

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Psalm 131:1-2

Spoon-Fed Believers

Jul 13, 2011
One-Minute Message
Luke 6:41-42

No Judging

Jul 12, 2011
Romans 8:28

Insurmountable Opportunities

Jul 11, 2011

We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities. The problem is, they're often disguised as impossible situations.

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1 Timothy 2:5-6

One Mediator

Jul 11, 2011
One-Minute Message
Isaiah 50:10

The Church

Jul 8, 2011


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