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One-Minute Message
Revelation 3:15

Moral Relativism

Mar 22, 2011
One-Minute Message
Romans 3:23-24


Mar 21, 2011
Matthew 6:25-30

Things to Worry About

Mar 18, 2011 - Mar 20, 2011

You can worry about everything, but the problem is worry keeps you from enjoying what you have. You can never fully enjoy all the good things in your life when you're preoccupied with gloom and doom.

One-Minute Message
John 14:1

Apostles’ Creed

Mar 18, 2011
Insights on 2 Peter: Conquering Through Conflict
2 Peter 1:10, 12–13; 2:1–3; 3:1–6, 8–16

A Letter that Rattles our Cage

Mar 17, 2011 - Mar 21, 2011

Sequels are usually inferior to the originals. This is true of movies—Rocky was a blockbuster, but Rocky II, Rocky IIIRocky VI (or however many there are) didn’t do as well. It’s also true of books. In the original, the first edition, the initial idea is fresh and new. What follows is simply a rehash with a twist. However, it’s interesting that the pattern of inferiority for sequels isn’t true of books in the Bible.

One-Minute Message
Proverbs 12:8


Mar 17, 2011
One-Minute Message
2 Corinthians 10:15-16

Grow Up Spiritually

Mar 16, 2011
Experience the Land and the Book
Acts 24-26

A Captive's Call to Freedom

Mar 16, 2011

Along the beautiful Mediterranean lies the coastal city of Caesarea. For the powerful Romans in the province of Israel, Caesarea was the official seat of government, a busy port, and a naval base. On the grounds of the seaside palace called Herod’s Praetorium, the apostle Paul was unjustly imprisoned from AD 58–60. Through a curious chain of events, Jerusalem’s authorities brought Paul here to appear before the Roman magistrate on three trumped-up charges. Paul modelled for us how a thinking, believing follower of Christ can defend himself or herself against criticism.

One-Minute Message
Luke 7:47

Choosing Love

Mar 15, 2011
Experience the Land and the Book
Isaiah 53:3-6; 1 Corinthians 11:23-30; 15:4

A Place for Pondering and Praise

Mar 15, 2011

Even without that spring weekend two thousand years ago, Jerusalem would be an incredible place. The central narrative of Scripture, both completed and yet to come, revolves around this land and this city. Yet only on one event does history swing on its hinge: the weekend when Jesus Christ suffered, died, and rose again, according to Scripture. And it happened in Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem that the life of everyone who has turned to God was set apart. It’s at the cross of Jesus Christ that life begins. And when we talk about His resurrection, we move from today into eternity.


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