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Psalm 46:1

Try to Stay off the Grass!

Jul 30, 2012

What is it about human nature that just has to disobey the signs? We see the words “Do Not Touch” and we have this unexplainable urge to do the opposite. Obedience is not something that comes naturally to us—that's human nature. The good news is God gives us the power to overcome our sinful inclinations.

1 Samuel 10:9-12

When Apathy Rules

Jul 27, 2012

It's one thing to be apathetic towards people. We're often indifferent to politics and social justice—trusting others to take care and do what's right. As serious as apathy is, apathy towards God is even more critical. When we open our hearts to God He replaces apathy with passion…and that's when our lives are changed.

One-Minute Message
1 Peter 4:8


Jul 27, 2012
One-Minute Message
2 Timothy 4:1-4


Jul 26, 2012
God’s Masterwork, Volume Seven: The Final Word—A Survey of Hebrews-Revelation
1 John

1 John: God's Life on Display

Jul 26, 2012 - Jul 30, 2012

It’s easy to forget that John, one of Jesus’ original 12 disciples, was responsible for five books in the New Testament. Of course, his most famous work is the Gospel of John. Next in popularity is his lengthy and intriguing book of prophecy, Revelation. Sandwiched between the two are three lesser-known letters revealing the heart and soul of this tender man of God. In this study, we will look at the first of the three books…a five-chapter letter appearing simple and uncomplicated yet, in reality, is both profound and complex.

One-Minute Message
Habakkuk 2:20

Into Silence

Jul 25, 2012
1 Kings 2:3-4

Are You a Nobody?

Jul 25, 2012

When everyone is busy following major world events, God is watching the hillside—looking for faithful followers to fulfil His purposes.

When we're faithful to the demanding tasks of life, the daily grind of life, that's when God can use us.

One-Minute Message
Psalm 91:1-2


Jul 24, 2012
James 5:16

Unconfessed Sin

Jul 23, 2012

Intimacy is rooted in honesty. Acknowledging wrongdoing is the first step towards recovering intimacy because you’ve been honest. Is there someone you need to make things right with?

One-Minute Message
Psalm 46:10

In Stillness

Jul 23, 2012


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