Beyond the Broadcast: Kick-Starting a Plan to Reach the World

  • Kick-Starting a Plan to Reach the World
Kick-Starting a Plan to Reach the World

“To reach an ever-challenging world, Spirit-led power must be involved. We dare not do it in the flesh.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

The disciples stood amid the olive trees on that mountain near Jerusalem listening to their risen Lord one last time. Except they were no longer disciples—Jesus had just commissioned them as apostles. And without warning, the feet of Jesus elevated off the dirt, and the clouds in the blue sky above them received Him out of their sight. Jesus was gone.

Confused, they strained to see their Lord when, immediately, two angels appeared and said that He would return just as He came. Jesus promised them the Holy Spirit. He gave them a strategy. Their purpose was clear. Jesus charged the apostles to bear witness to Him across the world in the Spirit’s power until He returns. That’s the plan.

Like the apostles, we live during the same in-between time. Like them, we have been equipped with their apostolic testimony recorded in Scripture and clothed with the same Spirit of power to carry out the same plan of reaching the world with Jesus’ message.

Locating Your Piece of the Earth

Jesus intends for His message to spread to all tribes and languages. Take time to reflect on how you have engaged Jesus’ plan recently. Now consider if there’s anything new God would have you do around your piece of the earth to advance His message. Have you felt your heart tug toward your non-Christian neighbour or your conscience prod you to give a bit more toward missions? Perhaps it’s God! Take a moment to write what you’ve reflected upon and the actions you sense God’s Spirit leading you to take.

Sharing with Power

While God may not have us perform miracles like the apostles, we still receive power from the Holy Spirit to share the message of Jesus. Take a moment to write a simple prayer requesting God’s power to share His glorious news with those people in your sphere of living who thirst for a sweet word to revive their souls. Then we’ll pray together.

A Final Prayer

Father, thank You for making me a laborer in Your harvest. You are the Lord of the harvest who extends life, peace, and joy from Your Spirit because of the work of Your Son. Grateful to have life, we give You thanks. Eager to share this news, we ask for power. We look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Kick-Starting a Plan to Reach the World” is from Chuck Swindoll’s series The Great Commission. You can stream this message online anytime at