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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Mental Barriers to God's Voice, Part 2

As the principles of the Scriptures are declared, our natural, unrenewed minds not only resist them, they ask, "Who needs that?" or "I've gotten along pretty good up till now." These are the lofty things that are "raised up against the knowledge of God," as Paul put it (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Natural Thinking in Today's World

When our carnality is in gear, Paul's comments aptly describe our mindset: surface judgment, shallow thinking, lack of depth, closed, independent, overly impressed with humanity, and spiritually out of focus.

A "Renewed Mind" Is Essential

Let's talk about some positive input on the correct mentality of a servant. Is it possible to think so much like Christ that our minds operate on a different plane than others around us? Not only is it possible—it's essential!

Blind Loyalty Is Not Servanthood

People in the pew and pastors alike need to beware of superhero leaders with an abundance of charisma. We need to watch out for the highly gifted, capable, winsome, and popular superstars who focus attention on themselves or their organization. Rather, the true leader must consciously turn people's devotion and worship to the Head of the body—Jesus Christ.

What Serving Others Doesn’t Mean

Christians talk a lot about serving and giving and releasing rights and putting down self—and we should. It's part of the whole Christian package. It's expected, to an extent. But isn't it possible to go overboard on stuff like this?

Two Questions

It is not "too late" are not "too old to change"...and your situation is not "too much to overcome." Truth be told, it is never too late to start doing what is right.


When God holds out hope, when God makes promises, when God says, "It can be done," there are no exceptions. With each new dawn, there is delivered to your door a fresh, new package called "today."


"I forget what is behind" is a statement that assures us Paul was not the type to live in the past. He says, in effect, "I disregard my own accomplishments as well as others' offences against me. I refuse to dwell on that." This requires humility.