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Dr. Terry Boyle

Dr. Terry Boyle serves as pastor for Insight for Living UK. He holds a Th.M. in Pastoral Ministry and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Articles by this Author

Cultured Company

How would you define a culture? Now let me clarify; I’m not thinking of yogurt, and I don’t mean the opera. Those aren’t the kinds of cultures I have in mind.

A culture is the set of principles and values that unifies a group of people. Once a particular set of principles is found to be effective and helpful—in other words if certain decisions consistently bring good results—then it saves the group from having to re-invent society from the ground up every day. Imagine how chaotic it would be if we had to boot up our entire civilization every time a new day dawned:

It Takes Grace to Get Along

In Paul's letter to the church at Philippi joy is one of the main themes, along with perseverance and hope. These make Philippians one of the best-loved of the New Testament letters. Quarrels don't readily spring to mind. But chapter four specifically names two women who were at odds. Paul names them, and recruits help to work things out between them: