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We’re all tempted to get even when we’ve been wronged; our natural reaction is to retaliate. However, a better response extends grace. It not only demonstrates self-control but it shows you don’t take your cues from how the world would respond—but rather from what God wants you to do.

Never Stop Learning

Exodus 33:12-14

Chuck Swindoll tells us to remain students for the rest of our lives. He says to those in education, “press on; never quit. Never stop studying. Never stop reading. Never stop learning. Don’t believe it because someone says it. Find out for yourself. Never stop. Press on.” That’s good advice for all of us.


John 17:3

Self-absorption is a dead end, which will never bring happiness or fulfilment. It’s only through the pursuit of knowing God we discover true contentment. And once we know God we’re equipped to truly know ourselves.