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There’s an old Japanese proverb that says, “Getting money is like digging with a needle; spending it is like water soaking into sand.” We all nod in agreement. Who hasn’t known the struggle of financial frustrations? And even those who have plenty become disillusioned because money does not satisfy. As Seneca the Roman once stated, “Money has never yet made anyone rich.” But on we go, pushing and striving, planning and struggling to earn more so we can have more, then invest more and enjoy more. Fat chance! The more time we spend earning more money to buy more stuff, the less time we have to enjoy our stuff.

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Being Generous


Are you generous with your time, energy, and money? Chuck Swindoll predicts what would change if you started giving these away more freely.

Putting First Things First

In Nehemiah’s day, when the people of Jerusalem prayed, they meant business! They did not offer mere words—they signed their names to a sealed document (Nehemiah 9:38). The document contained an agreement that was prepared and established before God. In it they promised to pattern their lives according to His truth, to put first things first. 

Love, Loans...and the Money Crunch

Every worthy task contains its share of challenges, and Nehemiah’s God-given work was no exception. The first 13 verses of Nehemiah 5 shine a spotlight on a dismal financial fiasco involving the workers. This problem caused the project to grind to a temporary halt while their leader guided them to a godly solution. Though our own tasks today are different, problems and difficulties will surely find us, and wise leaders will need to know how to handle them.