A Song of Reassurance

Artwork for Songs for All Seasons from the Psalms

How fitting that our study in God’s songbook should end on the high note of Psalm 139! This psalm celebrates God as the omniscient and omnipresent Lord, the Creator-God, and the Holy One. But the psalmist, David, didn’t praise God for merely abstract qualities—he saw the nearness and personal love of the almighty God.

So many people today desperately need to hear that the God of Scripture is a personal, loving, caring God. So many forces conspire to make us feel unseen, unimportant, insignificant, and uncared for. Technology separates us from the human voice and human touch. Busyness erodes our relationships, stealing the time we need to really know and be known by those we love.

While our impersonal world makes us wonder if we really matter, Psalm 139 tells us that we do matter—we matter to God. The Lord watches over us intently, He probes the deepest recesses of our hearts, and His love always reaches us no matter how far we stray. As we prepare to learn this last song in our study, let’s quiet our minds and silence the messages from the world that tell us we don’t matter. Let’s join David and listen to God’s truth instead, resting and delighting in His care.