The Sanctity of Life

Artwork for The Sanctity of Life...The Inescapable Issue

The days in which we live are both significant and stormy. There seems to be a crescendo of events that gains intensity as each month passes. For those of us who believe that Christ’s return will be preceded by an acceleration of evil, difficulties, and tragedies (2 Timothy 3:1-7), this crescendo is reassuring; His coming cannot be far off! But never is the expectant Christian to view his or her world with passive indifference. Among the many issues that have begun to surface and intensify, abortion ranks either at the top or certainly near there. This is not something we can hope will go away. There is every indication it will be in the forefront of our nation’s political and legal future for years to come. Essentially, however, it is not merely a political or legal issue, but a moral one…with deeply spiritual overtones. Because this is true, we need to be alert, informed, and concerned.