The Lonely Whine of the Top Dog

Artwork for Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality

We are inundated with books, seminars, educational courses, and motivational speeches on the subject of top-level management and success-oriented leadership. The hype has never been greater nor the lure more effective. It is easy to get the impression that once one achieves such an impressive status, satisfaction and a great, liberating sense of pleasure are discovered…much like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The long-awaited dream, however, is more often than not a distress-ridden nightmare. Instead of finding relief and companionship, the chief executive officer has a head-on collision with anxiety, pressure, jealousy, politics, ruthless decisions, economic headaches, and inescapable loneliness. Solomon said it all centuries ago. His words live on. May we hear them well and heed their cry. Those who fail to do so are identified in Scripture as fools.