Eat, Drink,...and Be What?

Artwork for Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality

Fast-lane living is not limited to 21st century citizens. Solomon cut that swath centuries ago. Pushing aside all restraints, ignoring every twinge of guilt, the man set out on a quest for pleasure that would make the sensual lifestyle in Vegas pale in comparison. Solomon’s world was a cafeteria. Hedonism was never pursued with greater commitment. When he laughed, it was nothing short of an uproar. When he drank, it was with limitless intensity. His sexual escapades knew no bounds. Even his meals became lavish, luxurious feasts. Solomon embraced the lure of self-gratification with extreme determination. No project was too lavish, no dream a mere fantasy; whatever he imagined, he lived out. We’re talking maximum involvement! And, as we shall discover…maximum emptiness.