What’s Necessary for Victory?

Artwork for Questions Christians Ask

Victory in Jesus Christ. It’s what many Christians want. It’s what we’ve been promised by Christ Himself. But we often find ourselves asking, “Why don’t I experience more victory in Christ?”

Isn’t it interesting that in passages on Christian victory, the Bible doesn’t mention one time the blare of a bugle or the stomping of an infantry or the clanking armour of a soldier or the bursting sounds of battle on the landscapes around us? The victorious life finds its source in Christ Himself and in our quiet submission to the empowering work the Holy Spirit.

So why don’t we experience more victory in the Christian life? Each member of the family of God has championship material deep down inside. But many of us have begun to believe in the flabby philosophy of our times. We have neglected the spiritual disciplines and opted for comfort and mediocrity. So now what do we do to find victory?