Birth and Infancy: Survival Basics

Artwork for Growing Up in God's Family

In the growth process, we as members of God's family, we enlarge our reservoir of knowledge and we strengthen our grasp of understanding. We also increase the sensitivity of our conscience, the level of our discernment, and the boundaries of our perception. Ideally, our intuition and imagination also grow proportionally, providing us with a solid base of awareness of and enthusiasm for life. But these are not what we might call foundational, nor do they emerge in any great measure during the infant stage of our existence. Infancy is back-to-basics time! It is during that era that we set the cornerstone and fix in place the initial blocks, upon which we develop the balance of our lives, spiritually speaking. Because of the essential nature of these truths, it is helpful for us to return to them periodically and be reminded of their importance.