Guiding Others to Freedom

Artwork for The Grace Awakening

What a liberating truth is the grace of God! Before we accepted Christ as Saviour, all of us were once hopelessly and helplessly enslaved. By birth, by nature, and by choice, we were dominated by sin. Living under the control of this cruel taskmaster, we were unable, in ourselves, to break the yoke of sin’s reign over us. And then came Christ! In grace, He redeemed believers from the curse of the law, from obedience to sin, and from the tyranny of pleasing our own flesh. Grace freed us to serve the only good Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Regrettably, there are some who abuse this freedom. Twisting the principle of grace, they think that if grace super-abounds where sin only abounds, why not sin to the fullest? Paul the apostle addressed this directly in the last nine verses of Romans 6. All of us who are tempted to abuse the marvellous grace of God would be wise to examine and apply the guidelines set forth in this powerful paragraph from God’s inerrant Word.