Saul: The King Who Refused to Bow

Artwork for Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives: Rediscovering Some Old Testament Characters

Back in biblical times, when kings reigned and kingdoms grew, all sorts of characters emerged who wore crowns. Some were loud, boisterous, brutal, and ungodly, while others were quiet, weak-willed, and even humble. A few on record were godly and teachable, many were stubborn and arrogant, and still others were young, impressionable, and easily misled.

But of all the studies we could make of those ancient monarchs, not one of the kings provides more intriguing food for thought than the ones who began their reigns one way and ended them another. In the process of the passing of years, they changed. Such was the situation with the king we meet in this study. When he became king, he was “little in his own eyes” (see 1 Sam. 15:17), but some time later all that changed drastically. The erosion of his character left him proud, impatient, and downright rebellious…a man who refused to bow even to the Lord his God. A serious failure and well worth our attention.