Ministry Letter March 2018

“It is finished!” (John 19:30)

With Jesus’ death there was not one prophecy related to the Atonement still needing fulfilment. The work of redemption for humanity’s sin was accomplished just as the prophets foretold.

But is the work finished?

Centuries have passed since Jesus’ death and Resurrection purchased salvation for all who believe. Jesus finished the work of securing salvation for us, but the work of proclaiming that truth and making disciples of Christ is not finished. His work of building the church continues and we are part of this great mission.

Insight for Living Ministries’ vision, called Vision 195, is to cultivate biblical knowledge and application in all 195 countries of the world. As Canada is one of these 195 countries we at Insight for Living Canada are working to cultivate biblical knowledge and its application Canada-wide—in short we want to make disciples of all Canadians.

This is a big task. But who would have imagined when Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world they would be able to do it? Eleven nobodies turning the world upside down? No way!

Here’s the exciting part: Jesus is the builder. His disciples were just the instruments through whom Jesus worked to build His church. And we are just some of the instruments Jesus is using to continue building His church in Canada today.

Will you give your financial support to help in this exciting endeavour? Your prayers and gifts are essential to the success of the vision.

Easter reminds us of the work Jesus finished at the cross. We celebrate His Resurrection and rejoice at the salvation provided for all who believe. It is truly glorious. But Easter also reminds us of the unfinished work. Jesus is still building His church in Canada and we are part of this work.

Please give your gracious support as we serve our risen Lord together.

Making disciples with you,

Steve Johnson
Executive Director

PS As you prepare for Easter remember the unfinished work. Send your gift to Insight for Living Canada today to help make disciples in Canada.