Ministry Letter August 2020

Dear friend,

What did Jesus say to children? 

The gospels record how Jesus loved kids. On one occasion, parents wanted to bring their children to Jesus and He wanted them to come to Him. He even became angry with the disciples because they were hindering children from meeting with Him (Mark 10:13–14). When they finally came to Him, “he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them...” (Matthew 19:15). Jesus loved children. They were all special to Him.

That brings me back to my original question and pondering. What else did Jesus say and do besides blessing and praying on these occasions? Because He was a rabbi, did He retell stories from the Old Testament? Did He teach them to pray or to sing Psalms? Do you think because He was a carpenter He carved toys?

One thing we know for sure—Jesus had a heart for kids. He wanted people to bring their children and grandchildren to Him freely and unhindered. And Jesus wants children today to come to Him and be brought to Him just as much as in Bible times.

Insight for Living Canada is here to help parents and grandparents bring their children and grandchildren to Jesus. Just as they were important to Jesus, they are important to us. That is why we provide resources to teach, guide, and direct both children and adults in their walk with the Saviour. That is why we have Paws & Tales, for kids to learn biblical truth in a way they can relate to.

Your prayers and financial support together with our resources are providing biblical truth for children and parents alike.

Can we count on your support this month?

Earlier this year we aired pastor Chuck Swindoll’s series Biblical Parenting. Based on the feedback we received, listeners appreciated this series very much. I was particularly encouraged by this letter:

I want to write to you as an appreciation of all your messages as I listen to them along with my sister on the radio every morning when my dad drives us to school. I listened to one of your messages live during quarantine. I really like them as it helps me stay firm in my faith throughout the day at school. Also, my sister and I watch Paws & Tales together when we have a chance, we really like it. Thank you for your time and effort! Please pray for us to grow more in the LORD!

Because of your support, and the support of others like you, we are able to provide resources like Biblical Parenting and Paws & Tales. And because of these trustworthy biblical resources, children are taught, parents and grandparents are helped, and families are strengthened.

We all want our lives to count for eternity and we all want to make a positive difference in others’ lives now. By sending a financial gift to Insight for Living Canada you are doing both.

Your gifts and prayers help to bring children to the Saviour and God’s Word to children.

Your partner in ministry,

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Executive Director

PS You can help bring children to Jesus by sending your donation to Insight for Living Canada