Here’s what I’m passionate about

Our passion at Insight for Living Canada is getting the Word into the hands and hearts of people. Everything we do is geared towards helping people understand and apply God’s Word so their lives will be transformed and they, like the Reformers 500 years ago, will change the world.

Part of our commitment to solid Bible teaching is creating tools for people to use in their daily lives, helping them absorb and apply God’s Word in practical ways that effect change from the inside out.

This is where you come in. I believe you want the same things as we do—you want to see people’s lives radically changed by learning how to understand and apply God’s Word. With your financial support we can help make that happen.

One of the main ways we fulfil our mission is through our daily radio program, Insight for Living. Broadcast across the country on more than 100 facilities and online streaming portals, our annual airtime expenses exceed half a million dollars. Money we receive goes towards making our audio programs freely available on national radio and over the Internet. Even as we transition more to digital media there are fixed costs like human resources, hardware, and bandwidth.

In October 2017 our program streaming reached more than one million people with the truth of God’s Word. This number is encouraging because it tells us we’re meeting a need.

As this calendar year comes to a close we’re aiming to raise $595,000. Will you support this important ministry with a generous year-end donation today?

Through the principles we teach at Insight for Living Canada, people gain greater competence and confidence in handling the Bible, greater ability to consume the Bible and feed themselves, and greater character from understanding and applying the Bible to their lives.

I appreciate your commitment to the ministry.

By His grace,

Steve Johnson
Executive Director

PS Through your financial gift today you’ll help us get the living Word out where it can make a difference and change lives.