Beyond the Broadcast: Stop Criticizing Earth and Start Contemplating Heaven

“The Lord has given us just enough revelation about heaven to whet our appetites—to make us aware of the remarkable difference between where we are and where we will be.” —Charles R. Swindoll

Do you take time to reflect on the wonder of heaven? Do you think about eternity with God and the complete and total banishment of death and sin? Do thoughts of heaven influence your earthly days?

There is more to live for than the here and now. John 14:1-3 and Revelation 21:1-7 remind us that we are not home yet. Some day God will make His home with us and we will commune with Him, see Him, and know Him in a way we can only dream about now.

Jesus promised to prepare a place for us and to come back to get us and take us there. In the time in between, we trust His timing and anticipate the joy to come.

In this message, Chuck suggests we take a good look at Revelation 21:9-22:5 to discover details of what’s in store for us in heaven. Below is an example of a simple way to observe contrasts. In this case, the contrast is between earth and heaven.

The World of Woe, Earth

  • Depravity
  • Sin on parade
  • Darkness and shadows
  • Deformity, death, disabilities
  • Resistance to the Gospel/rejection of Christ
  • Sadness and suffering

Our Glorious Destination, Heaven

  • Joy
  • Sinlessness
  • Light
  • Life without fear
  • Worship of the living Christ
  • Protection and perfection

Here are three things to remember as you reflect on your present and your future.

  • Any place God plans to be, you should want to go
  • Anything God removes (pain, sorrow, death, suffering, fear, shadows, night) you don’t need
  • Any time God makes an offer, you’re wise to accept it

Father, help me to reflect on Your eternal glory. The world is broken and I long for the day when You make all things new. To be in Your presence—what an unspeakable joy that will be! Amen.

“Stop Criticizing Earth and Start Contemplating Heaven” is from Chuck Swindoll’s series Things to Start and Stop. You can stream this message online anytime at